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We have proudly over 20 years of fingerprinting service experience. Accurate Biometrics is one of the first companies nationally to submit fingerprints to a State AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System) for non-criminal justice history record checks. Today, we continue to be a leader in fingerprint industry with our technology capabilities, expertise and dedicated service to state, local, and federal agencies as well as and private industry.

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Fingerprinting is the only biometric based background check that provides “positive” identification against government agency criminal history data bases to ensure that an individual is who they say they are.

Fingerprint-based criminal history checks may disclose unreported arrests and convictions that may not appear on an individual when using a name based background checks. In addition, fingerprint-based background checks may provide and “update” or “change” in criminal record based on State Statute, while a name based check is an isolated “one time” transaction that will never provide an update based on change of criminal history status.

In all cases, an individual has the right to the results of their Criminal History Record Information (CHRI), whether submitted on their own to a State or the Federal Repository, or by an authorized agency under state and federal statutes.


Federal Government

Federal Government

State & Local Agencies

State & Local Agencies

Corporate Sector

Corporate Sector


“We are more than satisfied with the service we have received by Accurate Biometrics. I will be sure to look to your company for any and all future projects. Thank you!”

Mary Ellen N.

"We have heard nothing but positives from team members we have sent to your locations. No concerns!”

Catherine W.

“Thank you for reaching out. We had a wonderful experience with your team. 10/10.”

Connor M.

“Thank you for checking in. We are pleased with the service and attention to precautions during these uncertain times.”

Olivia C.

“Having your company handle our fingerprint needs during COVID19, was the best decision I made. Since we were in lockdown at home and with all our new hires living all over, your company was a shining star in the midst of all this chaos. All our new hires were able to go to a location near their homes and felt very comfortable doing so with all the measures you put in place. Not sure what the future holds for any of us, we are grateful we had your company as a valuable resource.”

Maureen S.

“Your customer service has been great. Our candidates appear to have had a convenient process and we are getting back results quickly. We greatly appreciate how rapidly we were able to set up our account and begin using your service. Thank you for checking in regarding our experience, a nice touch to the customer experience.”

Erin K.

“Everything has been going great. As you know, we are required to fingerprint for multiple jobs a year, as we do a lot of school work. The process can be daunting, expensive and time consuming, especially for an employee that has to go in multiple times for different jobs. Since you have implemented monthly billings and detailed invoices, it has been exceedingly easier on us and our employees. You have always been quick with forms and have gone above and beyond when an ORI number is incorrect or missing. Thank you so much for all of your help with this and we look forward to continuing to work with your organization in the future.”

Shannon R.

“Great customer service! Very thorough and professional yet personable and fast! Worth the trip from the opposite end of town!! HIGHLY recommended!!”


“My experience at AB was surprisingly quick but more so I didn’t expect the amazing customer service I received! I was helped by the sweetest woman ever, Beth. I lost my debit card there and she went out of her way to make sure I got it back. I’ve never experienced such a kind heart in an office before and someone that is willing to go the extra mile to help another individual. Blessings to her.”

Katherine Y.