Nationwide Fingerprint Collection Network

Available for FBI Authorized Recipients

Coming Soon! FBI Electronic Departmental Orders (eDO)

We have a convenient location near you!

Industries served include Federal Agencies (DSS-SWFT, FINRA, CMS), the banking industry, and public housing.

Coming Soon: Service for private individuals including FBI Electronic Departmental Orders (eDO).

Access to the Nationwide Fingerprint Collection Network requires:

  • Account system set-up
  • High availability IT network configuration and integration
  • Applicant pre-registration through applicant tracking system

Benefits for Accounts using the Collection Network include:

  • Same Day Service
  • Walk-in Service, No Appointment Necessary
  • Secure, reliable data transmission

800+ Convenient Enrollment Locations

  • All 50 states, plus Washington DC
  • 736 cities across the United States
  • 324 metropolitan statistical areas where 75% of the American population lives
  • Safe, secure and professional environment

Real time fingerprint submission and fast results

  • Complies with all FBI outsourcing standards
  • Equipment is FBI Appendix-F certified
  • Results are sent directly to Authorized Recipients and applicants for Departmental Orders

Collection kiosks are an easy experience for your applicants

Using a fingerprint collection kiosk is as simple as...

  1. Bring 2 valid forms of identification including a valid government issued photo ID
  2. Scan the QR code sent to you by Accurate Biometrics at the kiosk
  3. Wait momentarily for identity verification
  4. Fingerprints will be captured by trained technicians

For more information, contact:
Jimmy Critchfield
Director of Government Sales and Partnerships