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DSS / SWFT e-Fingerprint Service Provider

Electronic Fingerprint Capture Service Option #4

Account Set Up and Processing Instructions

Accurate Biometrics has been certified by Defense Security Services (DSS) to provide Option 4: Third Party Vendor Provides Electronic Fingerprint File. This solution allows a company to receive the electronic fingerprint file from Accurate Biometrics because we are a FBI approved channeler. We provide the electronic fingerprint file using a secure email methodology to the Industry Company. The owning/servicing FSO then uploads the file to SWFT.

  1. Account Setup
    • Call Julie Mester at 773-685-5692.
    • You will be provided with an account set up form.
    • You will be provided with a Custom Fingerprint Authorization Form

  2. Complete Forms
    • Contractor Applicant Completes the Fingerprint Authorization Form.

  3. Get Fingerprinted
    • Contractor Applicant prints two (2) standard fingerprint forms FBI (FD258) on regular paper from the following link: Download the DSS FBI FD258 card
    • You must follow the detailed instructions on the sample to ensure the fingerprint form is completed correctly. Complete the fields that are highlighted in yellow on the sample on BOTH fingerprint forms.
    • Contact your local law enforcement agency (local police, sheriff’s department) to make arrangements to have your hard copy ink fingerprints taken directly on each of the two fingerprint forms. Photocopies of your fingerprints are not permitted. Please note that the agency may charge a fee to take your fingerprints.
    • Individuals may NOT fingerprint themselves.
    • Each fingerprint form FD258 must be complete with all available rolled and flat impressions.

  4. Mail Documents

    Mailing package contents:

    • Signed fingerprint authorization form (see step 2)
    • One original, complete Fingerprint form FD258 (see step 3)
    • Second, original, complete Fingerprint form FD258 (see step 3)

    Mail your completed packet with all three items to the following address:

    Mail To:
    Accurate Biometrics - DSS
    500 Park Blvd, Suite 1260
    Itasca, IL 60143

    P: 1-866-361-9944
    F: 1-773-205-4020

    E-Mail: info@accuratebiometrics.com

  5. Electronic File Transfer
    • Fingerprints are scanned the same day they are received and the electronic fingerprint file is returned to the DSS Contractor.

  6. Upload to SWFT:
    • DSS Contractor logs into SWFT account and follows the upload fingerprints prompt to upload electronic fingerprint file to SWFT.