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FBI Fingerprint Channeling for Authorized Recipients

Fingerprint-Based Non-Criminal Background Checks for Business and Government

The Accurate Biometrics Advantage

We are an authorized FBI Channeler serving business, government agencies, and the public since 2006. Our expertise provides a solution-based approach to meeting the need for fingerprint-based background checks for our clients. We offer the latest technology in fingerprint collection and processing.

We are an independent resource committed to providing expert fingerprint solutions, service and support in conjunction with your Biometric IT, HR and Legal Teams. Our experience includes Federal, State and Municipal Agencies, and private clients including Fortune 500 Companies.

Below is a listing of key federal statutes authorizing fingerprint-based checks for non-criminal justice purposes:
  • Federal agency requirements
  • Federally chartered or insured banking institutions
  • Securities industry
  • Self Regulatory Organizations (SRO)
  • Native American child care, housing and gaming
  • Public housing

Fingerprinting Services for FBI Channeling

We offer the following collection methods for enterprise clients.

Machine Purchase or Lease

Our economical and easy-to-use live scan equipment is the perfect choice for all uses from single users to enterprise enrollment centers. Our system may be compatible with existing live scan hardware with “open” architecture. Live scan machines are very affordable and it may be a better option to purchase or lease equipment than upgrade and reconfigure connectivity to existing systems. Click here for more about equipment sales or leasing.

Onsite Fingerprinting Service

For onboarding large groups of applicants for purposes such as acquisition or expansion, Accurate Biometrics is able to come on location (subject to time and travel). We also support executive fingerprint services, providing and assisting in concierge fingerprint service for individuals with critical and demanding schedules.

Fingerprint Card Processing Service

Along with live scan fingerprinting, Accurate Biometrics is able to process FBI FD-258 manual ink cards for all of its clients. Remote locations and international applicants are the key profile for ink card users. We process all ink cards the same day. We are located near Chicago’s O’Hare airport and are supported by all express carriers for daily delivery.

Archiving Service

We are able to store fingerprints and demographic data with appropriate applicant disclosure agreements in place for delayed submission for processing, to regenerate the fingerprint files for multiple submission, compliance and licensing, or to update criminal history background checks.

Collection Service – Nationwide Network

Our Nationwide Collection Network has nearly 825 locations throughout all 50 states. Our service coverage puts a fingerprint collection kiosk within 20 miles of 85% of the U.S. population. Our service offered through the UPS stores is convenient based on hours of operation, and offers a uniform network of trained professionals to capture fingerprints. Click here for more about our Nationwide Collection Network.

Benefits of Using Accurate Biometrics’ Channeling Services

  1. Quality Control
    Industry leader with an above industry average FBI fingerprint acceptance rate of 99%.
  2. Security
    We meet or exceed all FBI IT security standards. 100% compliance to the FBI audit standard.
  3. Rapid Deployment
    Fast turn around from contract to installation – 90 days or less.
  4. Scalable
    Access to a nationwide network for faster, cost-effective deployment.
  5. Experienced
    12 years Federal government contract experience.
  6. Custom Integration
    For applicant tracking systems via Secure RESTful API’s
  7. Custom Reporting Features
  8. CHRI Response Management through an “Outsourcing Agreement”
    Allows us to provide ancillary services such as data management.
  9. Multi-modal Biometric Capability
  10. Managed Services Solution – a secure CJIS compliant cloud-based case management system to enable your organization to organize, store, and report on criminal history information for applicants and existing employees.

How to Get Started

  • Contact Accurate Biometrics to help you navigate the process

  • The FBI must approve a request from your agency or organization. This is done by your agency or organization submitting a letter to the FBI Compact Officer with specific details on fingerprints requested by your agency or organization.

  • Once approved, your agency or organization would enter into a user agreement with Accurate Biometrics acknowledging adherence to the FBI CJIS “Outsourcing Standards”.

  • Accurate Biometrics would work with you to set up a direct connection to enable channeling to/from the FBI.

  • The fingerprint process may then begin, and results are disseminated back to Accurate Biometrics for immediate transmission back to the customer (Authorized Recipient).

  • We respond to the needs of our customers with knowledge, expertise, urgency, and a professionalism that positions us as a leader in the industry of applicant fingerprint processing.

For details of any of these options, contact:
Jimmy Critchfield
Director of Government Sales and Partnerships

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