; Fingerprinting for Security Guard or PERC Card Background Checks

Security Guards and PERC Cards

Accurate Biometrics offers fast, secure, easy live scan fingerprinting for an Illinois Security Guard License or Permanent Employee Registration Card (PERC). State and FBI federal fingerprint-based background checks are required for licensure in Illinois under the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulations (IDFPR).

Accurate Biometrics is the preferred fingerprint vendor of the Illinois Security Professionals Association (ISPA).

In-state applicants, we offer walk-in live scan service at over 40 locations in Illinois. Find a convenient location near you:

Find a Location IDFPR Fingerprint Status

We are also authorized by the state to process ink cards for out-of-state applicants. Scroll down to find the out-of-state applicant instructions below the in-state instructions.

In-state applicants for security guards or PERC cards, follow the simple steps below:

Download Fingerprint Authorization Form

  1. Download the Fingerprint Authorization Form above and complete the form with your required personal information.

  2. Find a convenient Accurate Biometrics fingerprint location and hours of operation by clicking here. No appointments necessary!

  3. Bring a valid government-issued photo ID to an Accurate Biometrics Fingerprint location. (Driver’s license, state ID, passport, etc.) and payment if required*.

  4. We will capture your fingerprints and transmit them, the same day, to the Illinois State Police. A fingerprint services receipt noting the assigned Transaction Control Number (TCN) will be provided to the applicant at the completion of the fingerprint capture process.

  5. The Illinois State Police will process the fingerprint record and report the results directly to the requesting agency. At no time will Accurate Biometrics receive the criminal history response.

  6. Be sure to retain the fingerprint receipt you receive from the fingerprint technician. It will contain the Transaction Control Number (TCN). The TCN is used for tracking your transaction in case there are any follow up questions regarding your fingerprint submission.

*Price: We require a payment of $67.00 at the time of fingerprinting. This price includes state and FBI processing fees. We do not accept cash or personal checks. All major credit cards and money orders are accepted. Click here to view the complete list of payment terms.

If the cost of fingerprinting is to be charged to your agency/organization; charge terms must be set up in advance with the agency. Your requesting agency will provide you with a Fingerprint Authorization Form customized for your agency.

Download Out-of-State Forms Packet

Download and print out the forms in the packet above. Detailed instructions for filling out the Out-of-State Fingerprint Application forms are included in the forms packet. Here is an overview of the application steps:

  1. Print out two copies of the standard FBI FD-258 fingerprint card form. It is acceptable to print the FBI FD-258 form on standard white printer/copy paper.

    International Applicant Note: International applicants must also use the standard FBI FD-258 fingerprint card form; do not submit fingerprints on non-FBI fingerprint card forms.

  2. Have two sets of fingerprints taken and placed on the FBI FD-258 card or printed form, using the ink and roll process. Mark “PERC Card” as the reason for fingerprinting.

    Note: We will also accept fingerprint cards created by printing on to the cards from an electronic capture by an authorized fingerprint provider such as a local law enforcement agency or licensed fingerprint contractor.

  3. The applicant only fills out Section 1 of the Identity Verification Certifying Statement (OOS-FP). Section 2 is filled out by the law enforcement or fingerprinting agent at the time of fingerprinting.

  4. Fill out the Out-of-State Fingerprinting Form. You must include your phone number or email address in the event we need to contact you regarding your fingerprint card.

  5. We require a payment of $67.00 included with the application. Credit card payment is preferred. We do not accept cash or personal checks. All major credit cards and money orders are accepted. Click here to view the complete list of payment terms.

  6. Check to be sure to include the following items when mailing your fingerprint card for processing:
    • Completed FBI format fingerprint card.
    • Completed Out-of-State Fingerprinting Form (OOS-FP)
    • Completed Identity Verification Certifying Statement
    • Payment-Money Order, Company Check or Credit Card Payment Form (NO PERSONAL CHECKS)

  7. Mail To:
    • Accurate Biometrics – PERC Cards
      500 Park Blvd, Suite 1260
      Itasca, IL 60143

Special user agreement pricing available. Please contact our Account Management Team at 773-685-5832 or jmester@accuratebiometrics.com to get details on saving money for your agency or organization.

Important Notes

  • Note: Your fingerprint-based background check response will automatically be sent from the Illinois State Police to the IDFPR. At no time will Accurate Biometrics receive the criminal history response.
  • For more information on PERC licenses, or to check fingerprint results, visit this page on the IDFPR website.
  • Your fingerprint card and accompanying forms will be shredded after we have confirmed a successful receipt and processing of the fingerprints by the Illinois State Police.
  • Accurate Biometrics complies with all state and federal guidelines for the use and storage of biometric and biographic information.

Sample FBI FD-258 fingerprint form. Download here if you need a copy.

FD 258 Card

Why choose Accurate Biometrics to take your fingerprints for a PERC card?

  • Over 20 years of live scan fingerprinting experience.
  • We are the preferred fingerprint vendor of the Illinois Security Professionals Association (ISPA).
  • Illinois’ largest and most trusted fingerprint service.
  • We have a less than 1% fingerprint rejection rate, based on 2% ISP standard.
  • We have convenient locations across the state.
  • We will transmit your fingerprints to ISP the same day they are processed.
  • Dedicated back office staff to serve applicants regarding all aspects of the fingerprint process.
  • Data security and technology standards compliant with FBI Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) standards.

Let us help you navigate the background check process. For additional assistance, please call our customer service department at 866-361-9944 or email at info@accuratebiometrics.com.