; Illinois Park District Employees and Volunteers

Illinois Park District Employees and Volunteers

Illinois Law (70 ILCS 1205/8-23 Park District Code) allows Illinois Park Districts access to fingerprint-based background checks for employees and volunteers.

The park district organization will need to contact the Illinois State Police to issue an Originating Requester Identification (ORI) Number, with a dedicated PKD purpose code exclusively for park district use, if the organization does not already have one. An ORI number is required before applicants can be fingerprinted for a background check.

Please contact the Account Management Team at 773-685-5832 to learn how to obtain an ORI and set up an account. With an account you will have convenient billing terms based on your park district needs. We can set up different layers of billing based on your park district needs; contractors for example can be set up to pay onsite for their own fingerprinting. Once an account is established, Accurate Biometrics will also provide a customized fingerprinting form for your park district. Your applicants will need to bring this authorization form for fingerprinting.

On-site fingerprinting is available for groups of 25 or more, a service we provide to our park district clients to assist in seasonal/supplemental hiring – volunteer groups for example.

Accurate Biometrics is a trusted live scan fingerprint provider with over 20 years of experience. We offer fast, convenient walk-in service at over 40 locations in Illinois. Let us help you navigate the background check process. If you have any general questions, call our Customer Service team at 866-361-9944, or email us at info@accuratebiometrics.com.

To get fingerprinted for Illinois Park District employees or volunteers, follow the simple steps below:

  1. Fill out Form:
    • Fill out Form: Obtain a valid Fingerprint Authorization Form from your park district office. Complete all of the personal information on the form, then sign and date it.

  2. Find the closest Accurate Biometrics fingerprint location and its hours of operation by clicking here. No appointments necessary at any of our sites!

  3. What to Bring: Bring the completed form, a valid, government issued, picture ID (such as a driver's license, State ID or passport).

  4. Note: The cost of fingerprinting is determined by the account set up with your Park District, and will be noted on the Fingerprint Authorization Form. The cost of fingerprinting may be paid for by your Park District or agency.

  5. A receipt will be provided after fingerprinting that includes the name, date and Transaction Control Number (TCN). The TCN is used for tracking your transaction. Please retain this receipt that includes your TCN number in case there are any follow up questions regarding your fingerprint submission.

  6. Your results will be sent directly from the Illinois State Police to your park district office.

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Public Park Districts outside of Chicago are covered by the State of Illinois Park District Code: