; Personal/Self FBI Background Check (Departmental Order 556-73) for Illinois residents

For Illinois Residents



  • FBI Departmental Order 556-73
  • Identity History Summary Check (IdHS)
  • Electronic Departmental Order (eDO)
  • FBI Criminal History Report/Summary
  • FBI Rap Sheet
Online results available within 24 hrs of processing
Available in person or by mail

You or your attorney can request a personal or self FBI background check to review your criminal record history on file with the FBI. With our expedited service, you can receive your personal FBI “rap sheet” within 24 hours of fingerprint processing. We have an easy-to-use customer web portal button (desktop computer access only) for a quick download of your FBI Report to your personal computer. We are able to provide this service for U.S. Citizens or permanent residents with a valid government photo identification.

Three Delivery Options to Receive Your Results:

  • Secure online portal pick-up of Electronic Departmental Order (eDO)*
  • Standard U.S. Postal Service to U.S. addresses only, includes secure online portal pick-up
  • 2-day Priority Service to U.S. addresses only, includes secure online portal pick-up

*Secure online portal pick up allows a one time login. Desktop or notebook computer use is required for pick up so that applicants may download a pdf copy of their results.

Note: Full delivery option details can be found in the In-Person and By-Mail links below. If you have any questions before you begin, please call our customer service department at 866-361-9944 or email us at [email protected].

Easy Steps for your Personal Electronic Departmental Order (eDO)

Follow the In Person steps below to apply for your personal FBI rap sheet at any our convenient Illinois walk-in locations:

In Person Steps

Why might you want to get your own personal FBI background check?

  • To make sure your FBI record is complete, accurate, and up-to-date
  • To review or to request a correction or update
  • To challenge information on your record
  • To satisfy certain legal requirements, such as a requirement for adopting a child
  • To satisfy a requirement to live, work, study or teach abroad
  • To satisfy a requirement to travel, now required by several countries
  • Other court related matters

Why choose Accurate Biometrics?

Accurate Biometrics is proud to say we were the first FBI Channeler approved to offer this personal review service to individuals in 2011. We have been offering this service to U.S. citizens and permanent residents in over 100 countries around the world for nearly 10 years.

Fast results! Results are available by online portal pick-up on our website within 24-hours of processing, often within minutes. After visiting a fingerprinting location, your results may be in your inbox by the time you get home!

Accurate Biometrics is one of few vendors who also can provide you a copy of your results on secure, watermarked paper. Delivery options include a printed response by USPS mail or by 2-Day Priority delivery. We provide tracking on all of our priority service options upon request.

Your rap sheet, or criminal record on file with the FBI, is based on fingerprint submissions received and retained by the FBI. Your FBI rap sheet may also contain disposition data which is not fingerprint based, if reported to the FBI and the FBI maintains the associated arrest record(s) supported by fingerprints. The rap sheet you receive from the FBI may include information reported to the FBI from any source including local, state and federal agencies who submit fingerprint-based transactions to the FBI for retention. The rap sheet is only a snapshot in time, containing retained information at the time of your “Departmental Order” fingerprint-based inquiry. Your rap sheet will include reported arrests, dispositions and correctional transactions supported by fingerprints. The FBI rap sheet may also contain “wanted” / “warrant” information reported from other law enforcement entities, when reported.


Access to one’s rap sheet or FBI report to challenge, update or correct is pursuant to Title 28 CFR Part 16.30 to 16.34. To review the federal law that allows an individual to request a Departmental Order (US Department of Justice Order 556-73) click here:

Learn Why a FBI Criminal Background Rap Sheet Can Help You

Accurate Biometrics can only process the Departmental Orders (556-73) for U.S. Citizens or Permanent Residents

Federal Bureau of Investigation Notification: only Channelers can process Departmental Orders for US Citizens and Non-US Citizens who have permanent resident status; Non-US Citizens without permanent residence status must make the Departmental Order request directly to the FBI. Please note that inquiries for Departmental Orders must be made by the individual applicant and the FBI response must be sent to the applicant or the applicant’s attorney. If the FBI Rap Sheet is sent to an attorney, a release statement must be signed by both the applicant and attorney on the attorney's letterhead. An example of the attorney's letter of release is available for download here.

How to Challenge the results of Your FBI Identity History Summary Rap Sheet

The FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Division maintains the criminal history records related Identity History Summary (IdHS) information for the country and does not have the authority to modify any IdHS information unless they receive an updated record from the agency that “owns” the information.

Most states require that requests to change your IdHS record information be made through their respective state Identification Bureau (SIB). You may contact the respective SIB for assistance, and if applicable, request that they provide the FBI with updates to your Identity History Summary. To find contact information for your state Identification Bureau, follow this link: