; Criminal Justice Applicants

Criminal Justice Applicants

Accurate Biometrics is authorized to assist Law Enforcement Agencies fingerprint their Criminal Justice Applicants

Criminal Justice Applicant fingerprints may be used to evaluate the qualifications and character of employees (sworn or code), prospective employees, or volunteers with access to secure data within your agency.

  • Electronic live scan fingerprint capture
  • Licensed fingerprint service provider and technicians
  • Search of the Illinois State Police and FBI Criminal History and Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) databases
  • Quick State Identification (SID) receipt required to access LEADS
  • Mobile on-site fingerprinting services

As a Licensed live scan fingerprint service provider (Fingerprint Vendor License #262.000016), Accurate Biometrics would like to assist your Department in complying with the legislative requirement to submit criminal justice applicant fingerprint inquiries to the Illinois State Police and Federal Bureau of Investigation pursuant to the Illinois Police Training Act (50 ILCS 705). Accurate Biometrics can provide the necessary live scan fingerprinting service and collection of data mandated by the ISP and the FBI, in order to alleviate the need for your department to submit Criminal Justice Applicant fingerprint inquiries.

Please contact the Account Management Team at 773-685-5832 to set up an account. Once an account is established, Accurate Biometrics will provide a customized fingerprinting authorization form that your applicants will need to bring for fingerprinting.

Accurate Biometrics is a trusted live scan fingerprint provider with over 20 years of experience. We offer fast, convenient walk-in service at over 40 locations in Illinois. We provide easy access to CJE fingerprinting for all Law Enforcement Agencies.