; Fingerprinting and State Background Check for Illinois Access and Review


Would you like to...

  • Review a personal copy of your entire Illinois criminal record?
  • Correct any inaccurate or missing Illinois criminal record information from your "Rap Sheet"?
  • Get a record clearing or expungement of Illinois conviction information?

You can have some or all of your Illinois Criminal History Record Information sealed or expunged from view from most employer criminal background checks!

The first step is to apply for an Illinois Access and Review to receive a copy of your complete Illinois criminal record history. You will need fingerprinting as part of the process. Stop into any Accurate Biometrics location for fast, easy, walk-in fingerprinting. Your Illinois criminal history report or "rap sheet" is mailed directly from the Illinois State Police to your home address. To learn more about Illinois Record Clearing, click here.

Find A Location

To get fingerprinting for Illinois Access and Review, follow the simple steps below:

  1. Find a convenient Accurate Biometrics fingerprint location and hours of operation by clicking here. No appointments necessary!

  2. Bring your Driver’s License or State ID with you to the site. If the address on the State ID is not correct, you will need to provide additional proof confirming where you are residing such as an electric or credit card bill. You will receive your Rap Sheet report by mail, so we are required to confirm the address of your current place of residence.

  3. We will capture your fingerprints and transmit them, the same day, to the Illinois State Police (ISP). A fingerprint services receipt noting the assigned Transaction Control Number (TCN) will be provided to the applicant at the completion of the fingerprint capture process.

  4. Results will be mailed to the requesting individual from the ISP and should be received within 15 days, although it may take longer.

  5. If you do not receive your results in 15 days, you must call the ISP to have them resend your response. The ISP prefers an email request at isp.boi.customer.support@illinois.gov; to contact the ISP by phone call 815-740-5160, then select option #2.

    Be sure to retain the fingerprint receipt you receive from the fingerprint technician. You will need the Transaction Control Number (TCN) to follow up on the status of your prints with the ISP.

*Price: The walk-in client fee is $50, due at the time of fingerprinting. The price includes state processing fees. We accept credit/debit cards, company checks and money orders. We do not accept cash or personal checks. Click here to view the complete list of payment terms.

Why would you need a copy of your Entire Illinois Criminal History “Rap Sheet”?

  • Authorized sealing or expungement of your criminal history
  • Private adoption
  • Nationwide travel
  • Citizenship
  • Attorney review
  • To ensure the accuracy of your criminal record
  • To ensure you have no pre-employment disqualifying offenses

What are the reporting agencies for Illinois Access and Review?

The State of Illinois states that “law enforcement agencies and correctional facilities” report Criminal History Record Information (CHRI) to the Illinois State Police (ISP).

There are 6 Chicago area county circuit courts reporting, including:

Cook County – all Municipal Circuit Courts
Dupage County – 18th Judicial Circuit
Lake County – 19th Judicial Circuit
Will County – 12th Judicial Circuit
Kane County – 16th Judicial Circuit
McHenry County – 22nd Judicial Circuit

And reporting from all other courts in the Illinois judicial court system – 24 in total.

Illinois Law Governing “Access and Review”

Illinois Law allows an individual to have the ability to access their entire criminal history record information, permitting an individual the opportunity to review and challenge any criminal history information they feel may be inaccurate or incomplete. Applying for an Illinois Access and Review – which returns the entire Illinois criminal history record – is the first step in the expungement process to clear one's record.

Specifically, Illinois Compiled Statute 20 ILCS 2630/7 states the Illinois State Police (ISP) shall establish rules to allow an individual to review and correct any criminal history record information they may hold. Effective July 15, 2015, the Administrative Code governing the procedural guidelines for an individual to view their entire criminal record, specifically, Title 20, Part 1210, Section 1210.20 was modified. These Administrative rules were revised to allow an individual to use the services of a licensed live scan fingerprint vendor to request their complete criminal history record information transcript (rap sheet).

Historically, the individual wishing to review their entire Illinois Criminal History Record Information transcript was required to report to a law enforcement facility providing this service

How to Challenge/Expunge your Illinois Criminal History Record Information

If you feel that any part of your Illinois criminal history record is inaccurate or incomplete, attached to the Illinois state Police results of your “Access and Review” fingerprint based response, will be a corresponding “Record Challenge” form.

Document on this form the information that you feel may be inaccurate or incomplete. The completed Record Challenge form must be sent to the Illinois state Police for review and response to the address appearing on the form.

For more information about Illinois record clearing, click here.

Why choose Accurate Biometrics?

  • 20 years of live scan fingerprinting experience.
  • Illinois’ largest and most trusted fingerprint service.
  • We have a less than 1% fingerprint rejection rate, based on 2% ISP standard.
  • We have convenient locations across the state.
  • We will transmit your fingerprints to ISP the same day.
  • Dedicated staff to guide applicants regarding all aspects of the fingerprint process.
  • Data security and technology standards compliant with FBI Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) standards.

For additional assistance, please call our Customer Service team at (866) 361-9944 or email us at info@accuratebiometrics.com.