; Fingerprint Card Processing for Out-of-State Applicants to Work in Florida

Out-of-State Fingerprint Card Processing

Level 2 Background Checks for Florida Licensure by Mail

FDLE Approved Live Scan Vendor

Who should use our Fingerprint Card-Scan Service?

Fingerprint Ink Card-Scanning or Hard Card Scanning Services should be used by applicants needing Level 2 Background Checks who don't live near one of our collection sites. Licensure for Florida Real Estate, Nursing, or Doctors and many other ORIs can be processed.

NOTE: Florida agencies DCF, AHCA, and DOEA do not allow ink card / hard card scanned submissions.

You may visit an Accurate Biometrics fingerprinting Kiosk location as doing so will satisfy both the photo and fingerprint requirement. To find a Kiosk location near you click here.

Level 2 Background Check Requirements

Florida regulation mandates out-of-state applicants must submit electronic fingerprints with the appropriate State of Florida ORI numbers provided by the State agency requesting the background check. Applicants can utilize standard FBI fingerprint cards (FD-258) or FBI FD-258 form.

By-Mail Fingerprint Ink Card Scanning and Processing

Download Out-of-state Forms Packet

  1. Please download the Forms Packet above. You can use an FBI FD-258 fingerprint card from your local sheriff's office, police department or the State agency that is requesting your fingerprint check, or you can use the one provided in the Forms Packet. Note: the FBI FD-258 fingerprint form may be printed on letter sized paper.

    Note: All data fields highlighted in yellow must be written/printed legibly and completely filled-in on the fingerprint card or form to expedite the fingerprint card scan service. Be sure to include the ORI Number for your fingerprinting purpose.

  2. Take the APPLICANT Fingerprint card or form to your local Police Department or Sheriff’s Office to request “Rolled Fingerprints”. (Fill out the APPLICANT Fingerprint card with BLACK INK ONLY in the sections of the card shown highlighted in yellow in the example included in the pdf).

  3. Payment can be made in the form of a money order or cashier’s check made payable to Accurate Biometrics, or with the completed Credit Card Payment Form included in the Forms Packet. For more payment options, view our payment terms.

  4. Please review the data privacy information in the Forms Packet, and fill in and sign the Fingerprint Cardscan Applicant Consent form.

  5. You need return only the 2 original copies of the FBI FD-258 fingerprint card form, the Credit Card Payment Form (or other accepted payment), and the Fingerprint Cardscan Applicant Consent Form. Mail the forms to:
  6. Accurate Biometrics
    Attn. Florida Card Scanning
    500 Park Boulevard, Ste. 1260
    Itasca, IL 60143

    Fingerprint prices are listed below. Note: Our card scan service cannot be provided without including an enclosed payment and the signed Fingerprint Cardscan Applicant Consent form. Not having all the required forms and payment will delay processing.

    • Accurate Biometrics will convert your fingerprint card or form into live scan and transmit to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement for processing.

    • The State Agency requesting your Level 2 background check will receive your Florida and FBI criminal history record. This will complete your Level 2 Background Check steps.

    • Accurate Biometrics will email you a Transaction Control Number (TCN) Report that verifies your live scan submission has been processed. This will also serve as your receipt.

    • VERY IMPORTANT: We cannot process your fingerprint card without an ORI number. (Check with the State agency requesting the background check to confirm your ORI number.)

Card Scan to Live Scan Service: As Close As Your Mailbox

Accurate Biometrics provides secure fingerprint card scan service. We convert FBI fingerprint card forms to live scan for fast, secure submissions for Level 2 background checks in Florida. Fingerprint cards are processed the same day they are received.

Simply mail from anywhere in Florida, or anywhere in the U.S, a completed FBI FD-258 fingerprint form, your payment in the form of a money order or cashier’s check made payable to Accurate Biometrics, or a completed credit card form,, along with your email address and telephone number, directly to:

Accurate Biometrics
Attn. Florida Card Scanning
500 Park Boulevard, Ste. 1260
Itasca, IL 60143

The fingerprint cards are converted to Live Scan the same day they are received.

Mail-In Applications for the Department of Health note:

Florida Department of Health (e.g. Board of Nursing, Board of Medicine) applicants by-mail can get a background check for licensing or endorsement purposes ONLY. (For more information, see the DOH's website at: http://www.flhealthsource.gov/out-of-state-providers under the hard scanning section.) It is important to check the DOH requirements for your background check process.

Fingerprint Collection Network

Walk-in live scan fingerprinting service direct to the FDLE is also available through our Fingerprint Collection Network. Click here

Pre-registration is required. Click here

AHCA Applications note:

AHCA applicants must have their prints captured electronically and can do so at one of our Fingerprint Collection Network Kiosks. A photo will be taken at the kiosk, which satisfies both the photo and the fingerprinting requirements. To find a Kiosk location near you click here.


Out of State Card Scan Pricing Chart - ALL TAXES INCLUDED
  • Department of Health - $105.12
  • Division of Motor Vehicles - $81.12
  • Department of Education - $81.12
  • Department of Business & Professional Regulation - $81.12
  • Florida Office of Financial Regulation - $81.12
  • VECHS (Employee) - $81.12
  • VECHS (Volunteer) - $73.12

For additional assistance, please call our customer service department at 866-361-9944 or contact Will Peterson at [email protected]