; Fingerprinting and Level 2 Background Checks for DHSMV (Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles)


FDLE Approved Live Scan Vendor

Accurate Biometrics offers fast, easy live scan fingerprinting for Level 2 background checks to satisfy requirements for the Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) for driving instructors and dealer licensing. You can get your fingerprints taken by a trained technician at one of over 50 live scan fingerprinting Kiosks located in The UPS Store® locations throughout the state.

If you have questions about what to bring, please take a look at the checklist below. If you’re ready to get started, click the GET FINGERPRINTING button. Questions? Call 866-361-9944 or use the chat feature on this page.

Are You Ready For Fingerprinting?

  1. Obtain an ORI number from the Florida Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicle.

  2. Use your Live Scan Request Form as a reference to register online for fingerprinting.

  3. Bring your registration confirmation email (printed or on your phone) along with your current (not expired) driver’s license, government issued identification card, or passport to the fingerprinting Kiosk location of your choosing. (You will choose your location after clicking the GET FINGERPRINTING button below.) Please call us at (866) 361-9944 if you have any questions.

  4. The fingerprints that are captured by the technician at the fingerprinting Kiosk are sent to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE). The FDLE then sends the fingerprints to the FBI for processing.

  5. You will receive an email providing you with a Transaction Control Number (TCN) that verifies your live scan submission has been processed. The TCN number can be given to the Florida Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicle as it will help them track results. Results should get to the Florida Department of Highway & Safety Motor Vehicle in about 24-72 hours.

    IMPORTANT: Please save your TCN number for reference.

If you have everything you need for your fingerprinting visit, click the button below. If you are not sure, please expand the drop down (+) list above and read the checklist.

Out-of-State Applicants seeking licensure in Florida, click the button below:

Out-of-State Applicants

Driving Instructors: In order to conduct business as a behind-the-wheel driving school for non-commercial vehicles such as cars, small trucks, SUV’s and vans, potential instructors must follow the requirements under Chapter 488, Florida Statutes, and be licensed with the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV). In addition to the school license, a commercial driving school must have a certified instructor. For more information please visit:

Dealer License: You must obtain a motor vehicle dealer license if you will be buying, selling, leasing, or dealing 3 motor vehicles or more within a period of 12 months and/or displaying 3 motor vehicles or more for sale or lease over the course of 12 months. For more information please visit: https://www.dmv.org/fl-florida/buy-sell/car-dealers/dealer-licensing.php

Accurate Biometrics is a trusted live scan fingerprint provider with 20 years of experience. We are known for our customer service and our responsiveness to the questions and concerns of our customers. Our goal is to provide a better, convenient, and safer experience for our customers’ fingerprinting and Level 2 Background checks.

Let us help you navigate the background check process. Call our Account Management Team at 866.361.9944 or email [email protected] for more information.