; Florida Live Scan Fingerprinting FAQs


No, an appointment is not needed. You will need to pre-register and choose a fingerprinting Kiosk location. You can get your fingerprints and photo taken (if required) by a trained technician at one of over 60 live scan Kiosks located in select The UPS Store® locations throughout the state. (You can go to any location; it doesn’t have to be the one selected during registration.)

To Register and Get Fingerprinted, click: https://accuratebiometrics.com/florida

To search fingerprinting Kiosk locations, click: https://portal.accuratebiometrics.com/network-search

Level II background checks include a fingerprint-based state and FBI background check. This means you will need two forms of identification acceptable by the FBI as proof of identity:

Note: One form of ID must show proof of address.

Primary Identification (Expired identification will not be accepted)

  • State-issued driver’s license

  • State-issued identification card

  • U.S. Passport or U.S. Passport Card

  • Federal Government Personal Identity Verification Card (PIV)

  • Uniformed Services Identification Card

  • Department of Defense Common Access Card

  • Foreign Passport with Appropriate Immigration Document(s)

  • USCIS - Permanent Resident Card (I-551)

  • USCIS - Employment Authorization Card (I-766)

  • Federal, state, or local government agency ID card with photograph

  • U.S. Coast Guard Merchant Mariner Card

  • Canadian driver’s license

Secondary Identification

  • Utility Bill (Address)

  • Jurisdictional Voter Registration Card

  • Vehicle Registration Card/Title

  • Paycheck Stub with Name/Address (Financial Information May Be Redacted)

  • Jurisdictional Public Assistance Card

  • Spouse/Parent Affidavit

Yes. Federal Departmental Order DO 556-73 allows that any individual may request a Copy of a Record (or proof that a record does not exist). Only you can request a copy of your own Identification Record. Accurate Biometrics is a direct FBI Channeler, approved to provide FBI Identity History Summary Checks to individuals.

Individuals typically make this request for personal review, to challenge the information on record, to satisfy a requirement for adopting a child in the U.S. or internationally, or to satisfy a requirement to live, work or travel in a foreign country (i.e., police certificate, letter of good conduct, criminal history background, etc.).

You can apply for a personal FBI Self Check in person or by mail. Click the following link for instructions and options on how to obtain your FBI criminal history response: https://accuratebiometrics.com/florida/services/fbi-personal-background

NOTE: Per FBI requirements, applications submitted from outside the U.S. cannot be accepted or processed. Results can only be picked up within the United States or its territories. Please contact the FBI if you need to apply internationally.

(Non Clearinghouse Results)

No. Each time you are fingerprinted, your results are sent to the requesting state agency that requested them. Each state agency that requires fingerprinting maintains their own database and a new set of fingerprints is required by state law every time a criminal background check is requested.

(Clearinghouse Results)

Yes. Your Level 2 background checks results are posted into the Clearinghouse web portal and ALL of the State agencies that are part of the clearinghouse should have access to your background check.
The cost of your fingerprints depends on the ORI number. The ORI number is provided to you by the state agency requesting the background check. Please contact our office at 866-361-9944 for pricing information.
We accept all major credit cards, money orders, cashier’s checks, company/agency checks and pre-approved billing terms. We DO NOT accept cash or personal checks.

Fingerprints are processed on average between 24-72 hours. The State agency requesting the background check will receive a response directly from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE). If there is an arrest record on the current applicant the process may take a little longer to come back, but most responses are sent from FDLE to the State agency within 72 hours.
You can visit https://cchinet.fdle.state.fl.us/search/app/orilookup?9 and enter the TCN number (the number on your receipt that references your fingerprint transaction) or contact FDLE directly at 850-410-8109. If you decide to call FDLE you will be asked to provide the date of fingerprinting and your TCN number (the number on your receipt that references your fingerprint transaction) to check the progress of your background check status.
The results are sent directly to the State agency that is requesting the background check. The results are not sent to the individual being fingerprinted. Accurate Biometrics does not receive responses from the fingerprint background checks for any submissions sent to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Accurate Biometrics does receive the responses for submissions sent directly to the FBI (Channeling and Departmental Order) and will disseminate the response to the individual or authorized agency.
You can obtain a copy of your criminal history background check by contacting the State agency that originally requested the background check. The FBI requires agencies who obtain FBI criminal history records pursuant to a fingerprint submission to make the criminal history available to the applicant upon request.
For all of the background check results you must contact the company or the State agency that requested the background check.

You can visit FDLE’s transaction control check at https://cchinet.fdle.state.fl.us/search/app/orilookup?9 and enter the TCN number (the number on your receipt that references your fingerprint transaction) that is provided to you by Accurate Biometrics. You may also contact FDLE for general information at 850-410-8109.

It is very important to make sure that the State agency requesting the background check has received results. FDLE will only re-send the results back to the State agency at their own request within a period of six months. After this time frame, neither Accurate Biometrics nor FDLE are responsible for the fingerprint response dissemination and the fingerprints will be purged off the FDLE system. This will cause you to have to start the process all over again from the beginning.

No. Fingerprint responses must be emailed or posted into the clearinghouse of the requesting agency depending on how the results were originally contracted with FDLE. You may however, contact FDLE at 850-410-8109 for general information about when your background check was processed.
  • Missing or incorrect data – When this occurs the data is corrected and the record is re-submitted to FDLE. This does not require action by the applicant.
  • Poor quality due to age of the applicant, previous work history (bricklayer, gardener,nurses, doctors). When a print record is rejected due to poor quality, the applicant must be reprinted in an attempt to obtain fingerprint images of a higher quality.
  • Missing, deformed or bandaged fingers.
You should contact the Florida Department of Law Enforcement customer service department at 850-410-8109. They will inform you of the procedure that outlines the steps you will need to follow.
You should contact the “Florida Department of Law Enforcement Expungement Unit at 850-410-7870 to request a packet regarding expungement or sealing of criminal records for qualifying individuals. The website is http://www.fdle.state.fl.us/Seal-and-Expunge-Process/Seal-and-Expunge-Home.aspx for further information.