Tampa Live Scan Fingerprint background checks

We have proudly provided over 15 years of fingerprinting service experience. Accurate Biometrics is one of the first companies nationally to submit fingerprints to a State AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System) for non-criminal justice history record checks. Today, we continue to be a leader in fingerprint industry with our technology capabilities, expertise and dedicated service to state, local, and federal agencies as well as to private industry.

About our location

We are located at 5005 W Laurel Street, Suite 111 in Tampa and have ample and free area for parking. Our staff is well-trained and has six years of experience under our belt. Having done this work in variety of states across the nation, we understand the needs of customers that are trying to get fingerprint Level 2 background checks. While it’s not mandated by the state for providers to have technicians that pass Level 2 background checks, we require all of our staff to go through a background check. Our accuracy and integrity is of utmost value! We know that our integrity means a better, safer experience for our customers.

“I hate going to places like the DMV. But whenever I have to go to Accurate Biometrics, I know I will be treated politely and with respect by the staff. They are quite professional and very personable.”

Fingerprinting is the only biometric based background check that provides “positive” identification against the CJIS database to ensure that an individual is who they say they are. Fingerprint-based criminal history checks may disclose unreported arrests and convictions that may not appear on an individual when using a name based background checks.

In addition, fingerprint-based background checks may provide an “update” or “change” in criminal record based on State Statute, while a name based check is an isolated “one time” transaction that will never provide an update based on change of criminal history status. This means you are checking their criminal history as of the date of hire, and you may be notified about any future convictions as well! This is why a fingerprint background check is required by federal and state laws and provides the most thorough results available.

Who needs to get live scan fingerprinted and What’s the process for getting live scan fingerprints?

Every industry has a different process for getting fingerprinted. Some have a clearinghouse you need to go directly to; for others, the employer may have a provider on site. Read more about industry-specific expectations for fingerprint-based background checks in Tampa, Florida:

Why Accurate Biometrics?

  • 11 year A+ rating on BBB - The Better Business Bureau is a place where you can learn about which businesses you can trust. Since our company has consistently exhibited both integrity and performance, you can trust us to do that for you as well.
  • No Appointment Necessary- Appointments can be a hassle, especially if you have a life that doesn’t always keep on schedule. So find a provider that allows you to walk in and do your live scan print at a convenient time for you.
  • Privacy of Information- We promise to never share your information or allow other marketing groups to data mine our customer accounts. Your privacy is our top concern.

“In less than 24 hours also I was approved. That proves the company's credibility and efficiency. Thank you Accurate Biometrics!”