FINRA EFS Fingerprinting

Accurate Biometrics is proud to offer a program for direct FINRA EFS Fingerprinting Services (Electronic Fingerprint Submissions) to the United States securities industry and its regulators, including securities brokers-dealers, banks and FINRA members.

At Accurate Biometrics, we provide the experience and systems needed to process your FINRA EFS:

  • 15 years of live scan fingerprinting experience
  • FBI approved channeler of fingerprints
  • Secure, expedited solution to assist in processing FINRA license applications
  • Dedicated service support team to our FINRA customers
  • Customized solutions and reporting to meet customer specific needs
  • Convenient billing and onsite payment terms

Easy, simple steps to get started.

Step 1: Notification to FINRA
  • Complete the following official FINRA Broker-Dealer Agreement informing FINRA that Accurate Biometrics will serve as your authorized fingerprint agent.
    Broker-Dealer EFS Participant Agreement (click here)
  • Mail the Broker-Dealer EFS Participant Agreement to FINRA:
    FINRA Registration and Disclosure Dept.
    Attn: EFS Coordinator
    9509 Key West Ave
    Rockville, MD 20850
Step 2: Account Setup
  • Contact the Accurate Biometrics Key Account Management Team at 773-685-5692 or e-mail to set up an account for your Firm. Please have your Firm’s CRD number ready in order to expedite the account set up process.
  • Once your account is established with Accurate Biometrics, you will be provided with your Firm’s custom EFS Authorization Form.
  • Your Firm’s applicants will need to complete this form and give it to Accurate Biometrics when coming into an Accurate Biometrics location for submitting fingerprints electronically, or mailing in the FD-258 forms or cards. (See step 3 for more details on fingerprint submission.)
Step 3: EFS Submission of Fingerprints

You have 3 options for getting your fingerprints taken and submitting them to Accurate Biometrics for processing:

  1. Accurate Biometrics has locations throughout Illinois, as well as a location in Sacramento, California. Walk-in service at Accurate Biometrics locations (no appointments or pre-registration required) Click here for convenient list of locations and times. Fingerprints will be taken via live scan, processed, and then transmitted to FINRA.
  2. Submit your FINRA EFS fingerprints electronically to Accurate Biometrics at your workplace using certified live scan equipment purchased or leased from Accurate Biometrics. For information on purchasing or leasing equipment, please e-mail us at
  3. For fingerprinting services outside of Illinois, California, and Florida, the applicant must obtain ink-rolled fingerprints to mail to Accurate Biometrics for processing.

  • Step 1: Download the FD-258 forms by clicking this link. You may get fingerprinted at a local law enforcement agency, or one of these recommended locations: Two sets of ink cards are recommended, but not required.
    Please fill out the mandatory fields on the FD-258 card/form:

    • NAME
    • DATE
    • SEX
    • RACE
    • RACE
    • HEIGHT
    • WEIGHT
    • EYES
    • HAIR

    Individuals may NOT fingerprint themselves; fingerprints MUST be obtained from a law enforcement agency or an Accurate Biometrics fingerprint technician.

    Include rolled impressions of all 10 fingerprints and impressions of all 10 fingerprints taken simultaneously (these are sometimes referred to as plain or flat impressions). We ask that you do not bend or fold the ink cards or fingerprint forms when mailing them to Accurate Biometrics.

    Step 2: Mail the printed FD-258 forms or ink cards, along with the Firm’s EFS Fingerprint Authorization Form and payment to:

    Mail To:

    Accurate Biometrics - FINRA
    500 Park Blvd, Suite 1260
    Itasca, IL 60143

    P: 1-866-361-9944
    F: 1-773-205-4020


    • The cost of fingerprinting through Accurate Biometrics is $17.00 per applicant.*
    • *Click here for payment terms.
Step 4: Fingerprints are Transmitted to FINRA
  • Fingerprint cards or electronic submissions are received by Accurate Biometrics for EFS processing and transmission to FINRA.
  • Results are posted on the FINRA-CRD (Central Registration Depository) within 48 hours. Authorized users may log into FINRA’s Web CRD to view the results.