FBI Criminal Background Rap Sheet for Employment or Licensing

Available in person at any of our locations, or via mail nationwide.

Accurate Biometrics, an FBI approved Channeler since 2006, is contracted by the FBI to process Identity History Summary information for agencies or organizations covered by certain federal statutes. These statutes authorize fingerprint-based background checks for non-criminal justice purposes.

The Accurate Biometrics channeling contract with the FBI allows us to transmit fingerprint images and records directly to the FBI for companies working in certain industries and agencies

Based on public law and federal statute, only certain industries may have their fingerprints channeled directly to the FBI. Below is a listing of key federal statutes authorizing fingerprint-based checks for non-criminal justice purposes:

  • Federally chartered or insured banking institutions
  • Commodity futures trading industry
  • Securities industry
  • Aviation industry
  • Flight training schools
  • Native American child care, housing, gaming
  • Public housing
  • Applicants for federal employment

Accurate Biometrics has developed proprietary software and an Authorized Recipient portal. This portal can be used to track the fingerprint transmission process and allows the Authorized Recipient to download the CHRI directly from their customized portal. The software we use for this process is FBI Appendix F certified, and contains security protection of personal identification information as required in the FBI Security outsourcing standard.

Accurate Biometrics offers high performance, quality electronic fingerprint solutions to federal, state, and corporate clients throughout the United States. Authorized Recipients who are authorized by Federal Statutes for using a channeler have several options to submit fingerprint images and records:

  • Visit one of our sites
  • Lease live scan fingerprinting equipment
  • Purchase live scan fingerprinting equipment
  • Submit FBI FD-258 ink cards to Accurate Biometrics for approved scanning to the FBI

How to get started

  • The FBI must approve a request from your agency or organization. This is done by your agency or organization submitting a letter to the FBI Compact Officer with specific details on fingerprints requested by your agency or organization.
  • Once approved, your agency or organization would enter into a user agreement with Accurate Biometrics acknowledging adherence to the FBI CJIS outsourcing standards.
  • Accurate Biometrics would work with you to set up a direct connection to enable channeling to/from the FBI.
  • The fingerprint process may then begin, and results are disseminated back to Accurate Biometrics for immediate transmission back to the customer (Authorized Recipient).

For details of any of these options, call Julie Mester at 773-685-5692, or email at jmester@accuratebiometrics.com.