Out-of-State Fingerprint Card Processing

For California & FBI Fingerprint-Based Criminal History Checks

Who should use our Fingerprint Card-Scan Service?

Fingerprint Card Scan Service must be used by applicants who require a fingerprint-based background check but live outside of the State of California or are not in close proximity to our live scan fingerprint location in Los Angeles, California. This will help you save time and unnecessary travel expenses.

Who might need to be fingerprinted for the State of California?

  • Licensing
  • Employment
  • California State self-check
  • Legislative Requirements

Fingerprint-based Background Check Requirements:

California out-of-state applicants (or those without access to live scan service) must submit electronic fingerprints with the appropriate State of California ATI numbers provided by the State agency requesting the background check. Applicants can utilize standard FBI FD-258 fingerprint cards.

Nursing applicants, for your convenience, here is a link to the California live scan fingerprint authorization form.

Instructions for Fingerprint Card-Scan Service

  1. Download a FBI FD-258 fingerprint card form here, or you can also obtain a FBI FD-258 form from your local sheriff's office, police department or the State agency that is requesting your background check.
    Note: All data fields highlighted in yellow must be written/printed legibly and completely filled-in on the fingerprint card or form to expedite the Fingerprint Card Scan Service.

  2. Take the APPLICANT Fingerprint card or form to your local Police Department or Sheriff’s Office to request “Rolled Fingerprints”. (Fill out the APPLICANT Fingerprint card with BLACK INK ONLY in the sections of the card highlighted in yellow).
    Note: We will also accept an electronically produced ink card from any authorized fingerprint provider (local law enforcement agency or licensed fingerprint vendor).

  3. After your fingerprints have been rolled on the FBI FD-258 FINGERPRINT CARD or form, mail the original ink card, and live scan request with your contact telephone number, email address and your payment. Payment should be in the form of a money order or cashier’s check made payable to: Accurate Biometrics, or with a completed credit card form.

    Mail to:
    Accurate Biometrics
    2777 W Jefferson Blvd., Building D, Ste. 3111
    Los Angeles, CA 90066

    The cost of your fingerprints depends on the ATI number. The ATI number is provided to you by the state agency requesting the background check. Please contact our office at (916) 318-7890 for pricing information. Our rolling fee is $20 in addition to state and federal processing fees.

    (Please Note: Our card scan service cannot be provided without an enclosed payment, as this will delay the process.)

  4. Accurate Biometrics scan your fingerprint card and submit your fingerprints electronically to the California Department of Law Enforcement for processing.

  5. The State Agency requesting your fingerprint-based background check will receive the results of your California and FBI criminal history record check. This will complete your fingerprint-based Background Check steps.

Accurate Biometrics will email you a Transaction Control Number (TCN) Report that verifies your lives scan submission has been processed. This will also serve as your receipt.

*Price: The cost of fingerprinting is $69.00. We do not accept cash or personal checks. All Major credit cards and money orders are accepted. Click here to view complete list of payment terms.

VERY IMPORTANT: We cannot process your fingerprint card without an ATI number. (Check with the State agency requesting the background check to confirm your ATI number)

Find a Location

Let us help you navigate the background check process. For more information on California fingerprinting contact our Account Management Team by phone at 916-318-7890, or email at rpaguirigan@accuratebiometrics.com.