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California Department of Insurance

Accurate Biometrics is a California Department of Insurance (CDI) contracted fingerprint vendor. CDI applicants who reside outside of the State of California or are not close to the CDI Office in Los Angeles should mail their manual fingerprint ink cards for processing.

We also offer general live scan fingerprinting and manual ink card service at our 6080 Center Drive Los Angeles location.

Accurate Biometrics Los Angeles Location

Mail-in Instructions for California Fingerprint Cardscan Processing

Fingerprinting is required for all unlicensed CDI applicants. Applicants may have their fingerprinting done prior to taking the examination. Having the fingerprinting done beforehand will minimize the risk that the license issuance will be delayed while awaiting the results from both the California Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Follow the simple steps below to mail-in your fingerprint card scans for processing.

Mail-In and Non-Resident Applicants to File Fingerprint Impressions on Fingerprint Cards

The fingerprints will be submitted to the California Department of Justice (DOJ) and to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to ascertain whether or not the non-resident applicant has a criminal record that could prevent the applicant from holding a non-resident insurance producer's license in California. California mail-in applicants, please follow these steps as well.

Fingerprint Requirements

Please download the CDI Applicant Instruction Form (LIC 442-39A) which includes a form for credit card payment. Instructions for California mail-in and non-California residents are on page 2. If paying by credit card, complete the Credit Card Payment Form and include it with your mailing.

Please download the Live Scan Form. Fill out the applicant information part of the form. (Please don’t be confused. While the CDI form packet number is LIC 442-39A, the form number on the live scan form itself is BCIA 8016).

  1. Fill out the applicant information part of the form. (Do not write in the blue shaded area.) Also complete the Credit Card Payment Form if you will be paying by credit card.

  2. Complete the standard FBI fingerprint card

    • Print the standard FBI fingerprint card.

    • To obtain a fingerprint card by mail, send an e-mail request to:Producer Licensing Bureau.

    • In addition to filling out the applicant required fields on the standard FBI fingerprint card, enter the number "A0042" in the space designated for the "ORI" number. In the space designated for the "OCA" you must enter the number "1000.”

  3. The total processing fee for the fingerprint impressions taken by CDI's contracted vendor, Accurate Biometrics, is $75.00. Out-of-State applicant processing will incur additional manual ink card fees and mailing fees, in addition to the $75 required to process the ink card.

  4. Send the completed Live Scan Request, the completed FBI fingerprint card, along with a payment of $75.00. If paying by credit card, please include the Credit Card Form (attached to form LIC 442-39A, above). Applicants may also pay by money order, cashier's check, or a personal check, made payable to Accurate Biometrics. Cash is not accepted. Mail directly to:
    Accurate Biometrics – CDI
    6080 Center Drive
    Suite 600
    Los Angeles, CA 90045
    E-Mail: [email protected]
    Hours of Operation available by clicking here.

*Note: Your application will not be processed until your fingerprint ink cards have been received by Accurate Biometrics.

What to do if your fingerprint results are delayed?

Checking on Status of Fingerprint Submission. Please allow a minimum of seven days from the date fingerprint impressions were taken before making a status inquiry. If you need to check the status of your fingerprints, below are the steps to follow:

  1. Applicants should check first with the California Department of Insurance (CDI) at (800) 967-9331 since the Department of Justice (DOJ) sends results directly to the CDI. The DOJ or FBI may need to manually process the fingerprint impressions. This process may delay the reporting of results.

  2. If the CDI does not yet have results, you must visit the DOJ website to verify your status: https://applicantstatus.doj.ca.gov. You will need the following information before placing the online request:
    • Your date of birth (i.e. 01/01/1975)
    • The 10-digit Automated Transaction Identifier (ATI) number that appears at the bottom of the DOJ form requesting Live Scan fingerprint background checks. The ATI number always appears in the following sequence: 1 Letter; 3 Numbers; 3 Letters and 3 Numbers. This number will allow the DOJ's online verification service to check on the status of your fingerprints.

  3. When your fingerprint impressions are processed, the DOJ's response will state whether the prints were processed and the date, or whether the prints were rejected and the reason. The level of service is the request for a background check to be completed by both the DOJ and the FBI. However, if the response states that the fingerprint results are still in process, please continue to check back periodically at the DOJ verification page: https://applicantstatus.doj.ca.gov.

  4. *These forms are in PDF format. To view these forms, your browser must have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer. A free copy of the Adobe Acrobat Reader can be downloaded from the Free Document Readers website.