California Fingerprinting

Now available in person at our California locations or by mail.

NO appointment is required to be printed at this location. Please bring your completed live scan request form to the office below.

Accurate Biometrics
455 Capitol Mall, Suite 233
Sacramento, CA 95814
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  • Personal Check
  • All Major Credit Cards
  • Money Order
  • Cashier's Check
  • Company/Agency Check

Please complete and print an official "Request for Live Scan" form for the appropriate Certificate/License/Permit/Registration from the California Attorney General's website or the links below. This form will need to be completed and brought with you for fingerprint processing.

Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS)

The following BSIS "Request for Live Scan" forms are available by Clicking Here:

  • Alarm Company Operator License
  • Alarm Company Qualified Manager Certificate
  • Alarm Company Qualified Manager Certificate w/Firearm Permit
  • Alarm Agent Registration
  • Alarm Agent Registration w/Firearm Permit
  • Firearm Permit
  • Locksmith Company License
  • Locksmith Company Employee Registration
  • Private Patrol Operator
  • Private Patrol Operator License w/Firearm Permit
  • Private Investigator License
  • Private Investigator License w/Firearm Permit
  • Proprietary Private Security Officer Registration
  • Repossession Agency License
  • Repossession Agency Qualified Manager Certificate
  • Repossession Agency Employee Registration
  • Security Guard Registration
  • Security Guard Registration w/Firearm Permit
  • Training Facility Firearm Certificate
  • Training Facility Baton Certificate
  • Training Instructor Baton Certificate
  • Training Instructor Firearm Certificate

Contractors State License Board

Criminal Record Review/Immigration/U.S. Citizenship/Visa

Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)

The following DMV "Request for Live Scan" forms are available by Clicking Here:

  • Ambulance Driver Certificate
  • Business Partner Automation Program/Registration Service Owner
  • Business Partner Automation Program/Dealer Owner
  • Business Partner Automation Program/Employee (i.e., Registration Service, Dealer, Automobile Club, Rental Car, Leasing Company employee).
  • Dealer License
  • Dismantler/Wrecker License
  • Distributor License
  • Distributor Representative License
  • Driving School Instructor License
  • Driving School Operator License
  • Driving School Owner License
  • Lessor/Retailer License
  • Manufacturer License (includes Remanufacturer)
  • Manufacturer Representative License
  • Registration Service License
  • Salesperson License
  • Transporter License
  • Traffic Violation School Owner License (includes Operator or Instructor)
  • Vehicle Verifier Permit

Department of Real Estate (DRE)





Legal Industry


Notary Public:

Social Services

Structural Pest Control

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